Events 2

  • Class Schedule

Jazzercise and Evolve Fitness
Monday 9AM (Jazzercise) and 4:45PM (Jazzercise)
Tuesday 9AM (Evolve) and 4:45PM (Jazzercise)
Wednesday 9AM (Jazzercise)
Thursday 9AM (Evolve) and 4:45PM (Jazzercise)
Friday 9AM (Jazzercise)
Saturday 8AM (Jazzercise)

Yoga – Sundays 10:00AM

Country line and partner classes 
Intermediate line- Mondays 6:00PM
Beginner line- Mondays 7:30PM Tuesdays 11:45AM, Wednesdays 5:30PM and Sundays 6:30PM
Improver line- Tuesdays 10:30AM, Wednesdays 6:45PM and Thursdays 6:15PM
Advanced Pattern Partner- Sundays 4:00PM
Beginner Pattern partner- Sundays 5:15PM